• How to become a VIP?

    1. Order 3 or more binders of any type in one purchase.

    or 2. Purchasing over TWD$3000 in an order.

    or 3. Purchasing over TWD$5000 within an year.

    What discounts and benefits do VIPs get?

    1. 20% Off for every order.

    2. Birthday Gifts. (Please contact us a week before your birthday)

    3. Buy 2 get 1 free in the week of your birthday (As from Monday to Sunday)

    4. First priority to order new arrival products.

    5. 24/7/365 customer service.

    6. Lucky draw for VIPs Only in every season

    7. Free VIP card sending out every year to one of your friends. They can become VIPs,too!

    8. Special event for VIP

    How to use your VIP card?

    1. Available for Heroine official website and all stores in Taiwan.

    2. Every card is registered with your name and number designed for your personal use.

    3. No expiration dates.

    4. Please remember to show your card while shopping in a store.

    5. Please enter your card number while shopping online in order to get discounted. (Names and numbers will be verified)

    6. Every discount under a VIP privilege can not be used together with other promotions.

    7. Heroine Binder Co. reserves right to interpret, modify and decline the authorization of this card.